1. Students must contribute to the high tone of the school by their manners and general behavior.

2. They must come neatly dressed and maintain personal hygiene.

3. They must maintain discipline and decorum of the class.

4. They must be careful while using the school property as any damage donet any authorized property will lead to penalty.

5. The students are strictly prohibited to bring any valuable items to school. The college shall not be held responsible for any loss of belongings of students, including books.

6. Any sort of accessories (except wrist watch) are strictly prohibited inside the school premises.

7. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school premises. In case of non-compliance, it shall be confiscated.

8. No fines or any other collection for any purpose shall be made without prior permission of the concerned authority.

9. A student who fails twice in the same class shall be dismissed from school. loilmmorality, insubordination and contempt of authority are sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion of the student.

11. Students may also be asked to leave the college on grounds of indiscipline, unsatisfactory progress in work and irregular attendance.

12.1t is compulsory for the students to participate in at least one school functions out of sports, cultural and literary activities and get a costume as per as the requirements.


1. Every student is expected to be regular and punctual. If any students fails to maintain 75% attendance he/she shall be barred from appearing in the examination.

2. No student shall leave the school without written permission of the principal.

3. All leave applications should be duly signed by the parents or in their absence local guardians should bear the responsibility.

4. All the leave applications for a day or two shall be addressed to the class teacher. Leave applications for medical reasons or beyond two days shall be addressed to the principal.

5. Continuous absence for four days or unreported absence for seven days in a month shall render the student liable for his dismissal. Re-admission will be granted only twice and only after the payment of Rs 1000/-

6. A student must submit doctor’s prescription and proper medical proofs for continuous absence due to any ailment or disease. and get a costume as per as the requirements.

NOTE- The school reserves all the rights of taking disciplinary action against those who disregard the above rules and regulations.